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غ, ׿ ̾, ǥ鿡 ô.


̸ ȸ翡 ϰ δ ʿմϴ. ȸ Ư ľϿ װ ֵ ϼ.

- What made you choose this company?
- What made you pick this company?

- Why are you interested in this company?
- Why do you want to join to our company?
- Why do you want to leave your present job?
- What's your general impression of our company?
- Could you tell me any negative thing you're heard about our company?
- Tell me what you know about our company.
- What do you know about my company?



ϱ ٴ Ȳ ȿ ְ ϴ ߿մϴ.

- How would you describe yourself?
- In your most intimate conversations with family or close friends, what have people said they most like about you?
- What kind of personality do you think you have?


ʹ ϰ ʿ ̳ʽ ۿ ֽϴ.

- What have you done to improve your English skill?
- How do you compare your spoken English with your written English?
- Can you communicate in English?