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2012-02-08 ȸ 4679

Ȱ Ǵ վ ߿ back õ ǥ ô.


back '/ĸ' '( ·)ǵ /ȸϴ'̶ Ͽ ſ پ ˴ϴ.


1. back up
John lost his entire data because he forgot to make a
back up file.

ʾұ ͸ Ұ Ǿ.

* ǻ͸ 'ջ δ' Դϴ.


When Michael Jordon was in high school, he was a back up. But through his hard work, he became the most famous basketball player in the world.

Ŭ б ٴ ĺ . ׷ ƴ.

* (starter) λ̳ غ ĺ (back up) ˴ϴ.


When confronted by ten armed bank robbers, the two cops had to call for back up.

10 ̹ , ûؾ ߴ.

* 'back up'̶ ϸ ' û' ˴ϴ.


2. back down
Despite his mother's strong opposition, John didn't
back down and married his sweetheart.

Ӵ ݴ뿡 ұϰ, ʰ ΰ ȥ ÷ȴ.


'back down' ڷ (back) ´(down) ǹ̿ ' ' Դϴ.


3. back off
When Tim was becoming intrusive, Alice had to tell him to
back off.

ͱ , ٸ '' ƴ


'back off' ڷ (back) (off) ǹ̿ '(Ȱ) ϰų ' ǥ ϴ ü ǥԴϴ.