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2012-01-03 ȸ 4133

̱ ظ
Times square


ظ ̺Ʈ ϳ.


Times Square Ŵ µ,

ϰ Ǹ ذ ȴ. ( ձ ̿)

̷ 𿩼 ذ Ǵ ϸ, 10ʺ īƮ ٿ ϰ Ǵµ,

Ǵ ִ Ǽ ϰų , Ű ϰ ȴ.

̶ ϴ Ű ǹ̴ Happy New Year ǹ̸,

Ű ϰ Happy New Year ش.




Whats your New Years resolution?

ȹ ?

=Have you made any vows for the new year?


ȹ õ ǥ

You should not forget your New Years resolution.



My New Years resolution didnt last one month.

޵ .


I will try to do physical activities that I like.

ϴ Ȱ Ұſ.


I will make efforts to grasp people.

Ϸ ſ.


I will quit smoking.



I will spend more time with family members.

ð ſ.


ȥ ǥ