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제 목 (Every) once in a while : 가끔씩
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(Every) once in a while : 가끔씩



(A and B are having lunch … )
B 둘이서 점심을 먹는다

A: What are you going to eat?

A: 먹을 거야?


B: I don't know yet but I'm definitely having coffee.
아직 모르겠어. 근데 커피는 반드시 마실 거야.


A: Are you tired?

B: I must be. I nodded off driving here.
그런가봐. 여기 운전해 오면서 졸았거든

A: That's a scary thought.
이거 정말 무서운 얘기다

B: It was a stroke of luck that I didn't have an accident.
사고 나지 않은 정말 행운인데

A: Does that happen often?
자주 있는 일이야?


B: Every once in a while.
가끔씩 그래

A: Are you getting enough sleep?
잠은 충분히 자니

B: Usually. But lately I've had a lot on my mind.
. 근데 요즘은 걱정거리가 많아서 잠이 오질 않네.


* to nod off:
꾸벅꾸벅 졸다

"I kept nodding off in class." (
수업 계속 졸았습니다

* a stroke of luck:

"Sally winning the lottery was a stroke of luck." (
샐리가 로토에 당첨된 정말 굉장한 행운입니다

* on your mind:
걱정거리가 있다

"He's distracted because he has had a lot on his mind for a long time."

그는 오래 동안 걱정거리를 지니고 있어서 요즘 정신이 복잡합니다.)

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