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제 목 I see what you mean: 무슨 말 인지 알겠다.
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(A and B are having lunch … )

B 점심을 먹고 있다

A: When are you going to move into your new apartment?
언제 아파트로 이사갈거야

B: I'm not sure. My life has just been turned upside down.
글쎄. 상황이 뒤바뀌었어.

A: What are you talking about?
무슨 얘기야

B: I found out that I have to go to china on Friday.

B: 금요일에 내가 중국에 가야한다는 알게 됐어.

A: I see what you mean.

B: I have to move out of my old apartment by Sunday.
일요일까지 이사나와야 하는데

A: You have a problem. Can't you get out of your trip?
났군. 여행을 안가면 안돼

B: I've tried but it's impossible.
노력해봤지만 불가능해

A: Tell how I can help you. I'll do anything I can.
내가 도와줄 있으면 말해. 있는건 할게

B: You're a good friend. I'll tell you tomorrow.
좋은 친구야. 내일 다시 얘기해줄게

<중요한 표현> 

* turn (something) upside down: ~
상황이 혼란되다 거꾸로 되다 엉망이다

"The elections next week might turn our government upside down." (
다음주 선거는 정부를 뒤집어놓을지 모릅니다

* move out of: ~
에서 이사나가다

"She moved out of her parents' house a month ago." (
그녀는 전에 부모님 집에서 나왔습니다

* get out of (something): ~
의무에서 벗어나다

"He got out of the meeting because he was ill." (
그는 아파서 회의에 나와도 됐습니다.)


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